8 convenient online videos are available for you to access 24/7 on all devices. The modules covered in this package are:

Assessing and addressing your posture

Common physical pains

Stress reduction

Linking physical and mental stress

Breathing techniques

Realistic workplace set-ups - including office, home and driving

Lifting at Work

Stretching Plans

I also offer Live Online Workshops remotely via Zoom or Teams. 

This covers the modules listed above, in a 60 minute interactive presentation.

Quick video call pop up sessions can also be done to achieve the basics or longer sessions to gain more in depth knowledge.

All attendees will gain an awareness of their body without needing any external guides such as lumbar supports or expensive ergonomic chairs.

Working from home, driving positions, meeting rooms. These are all the common areas we find ourselves in every day so let's make your body be dynamic to work and be comfortable without any posture aids.

No hidden costs.

No tick-box exercise.

No desk set up.

No gym needed.

No disturbance to your work day.


Having a body with less restrictions can help free your mind to do great things.

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