Revolutionising your posture


The goal is to teach your body to work in all spaces. Not an unrealistic, expensive desk set up that won't work and you won't use.

Each workshop will teach you how to control your body, understand your pains and manage them wihtin your daily routine and environment. If your body isn't happy you don't get much done.

I can show you how to use your body correctly so you can move and work in all environments without the hassle.


The common denominator in most physical pains is poor posture. Poor posture is common and is something that develops and worsens over a long period of time if it goes unaddressed.

By reconnecting with your body and becoming more in tune with what it's telling you, you will gain more mobility and be more comfortable on a daily basis.

Getting to the root cause of common office ailments such as aches and pains like lower back pain, shoulder pain and tension headaches will help your all round wellness and productivity.

Physical health and mental health are closely related and intertwined in many ways so if I can help with your physical health it will give your mind less to think about.  

No gym, diet or exercise plan is needed.

Just awareness.


Having a body with less restrictions can free your mind to do great things.

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